Millennium Data Consultants (MDC) was established in October 1998 having recognised the need for a centralised personnel information centre.

MDC specialises in the disclosure of employee and pre-employment information thus enabling the employer to make pro-active business decisions.

MDC is therefore a unique and dynamic team of specialists that is committed to:

  • Satisfy the need for professional customised personnel information,
  • Build long-term relationships based on mutual trust and client satisfaction; and to
  • Povide consistent superior financial returns for all stakeholders.



Effective pre-employment screening is the most powerful preventative tool against dishonesty in the work force. Other than putting applicants through a pre-employment lie detection test, the most effective way of evaluating a prospective employee is by studying their employment history.

Previous Employment History

Previous Employment History

It is a well-known fact that an applicant, who has been dismissed by his/her previous employer, will be inclined to omit such details from his/her application form. Employers are also reluctant to furnish sensitive information on any employees who have been dismissed and to provide the reasons for the dismissal, to any person. However, during our research we have established that most of the respondents consulted would submit such information to an independent entity.
By studying a person's employment history, a number of facts can be established such as:

  • Business nature of previous employers.
  • Period of employment with each employer.
  • Positions occupied at each previous employer.
  • Nature of work performed.
  • Reasons furnished to the employer on resignation, which often differ from the reasons furnished on the application form.
  • Is the previous employer prepared to re-employ the person who has left his/her employment on his/her own accord and if not, why not?

One must also bear in mind that a person who applies for a position would almost, without fail, leave out any information on his/her application form that could decrease his/her chances of getting the job. Therefore, your most accurate information will be that obtained from previous employers. Any false information furnished on an application form for employment or information deliberately omitted is a reflection of the applicant's honesty and future intentions.

Fingerprint Verification

Fingerprint Taken on Paper

The candidate goes to any Police Station to get his fingerprints taken. The original document plus a copy of his ID gets send to MDC. Mdc will take it to the Criminal Record Centre for verification. The results obtained will be a 100% accurate. The process will take 4-6 weeks.

Electronic Fingerprint Reader

A workstation programmed and with a Livescan fingerprint reader, captures ten fingerprints and demographic data of an applicant. The workstation uploads data to AFISwitch via internet connection. AFISwitch transmits the data directly to the SAPS AFIS sub-system for identification purposes.

On completion of a fingerprint search, the SAPS AFIS returns a hit /no hit result to AFISwitch. The info is then transferred to MDC.

In the case of a No Illicit activity identified report, MDC can provide the client with the report immediately.

In the case of a possible illicit activity identified report, the SAPS will further process the search and supply the required details regarding the illicit activity identified result. The process can take up to 4 to 6 weeks.

Fingerprint Verification
Consumer Credit Verification

Consumer Credit Verification

From the information obtained from a consumer credit bureau, it is easy to determine how well a person manages his/her own finances. Indications of mismanagement or over-commitment could increase the risk potential of an applicant. An illegal means of supplementing his/her income may become an attractive option if an applicant is in financial difficulties. As we are on link with 2 established credit bureaus feedback in this regard is available within 24 hours after receipt of the request, depending on the number of requests.

Driver's License Verification

We could assist you to verify the validity of an applicant's driver's license. This is essential if an applicant is applying for employment e.g. a transport driver.

Educational Qualification Verification

On your behalf we will contact any national as well as international educational institution to verify the qualifications provided by an applicant. MDC has established links with the Central Certification Council, provincial Departments of Education (Certification Section) to verify National Senior Certificates issued. During the past seven years MDC has established valuable links with various universities in the USA, Australia, Canada, UK, Africa and Europe.

Business Reports

Profile Investigation

This is a detailed and specifically researched report. This report is a fully updated report. This report provides a complete picture regarding the activities of the business, which is vital to the risk management process.


A concise, comprehensive report containing several investigated elements produced within 48 hours. When making a medium to high-risk assessment under pressure the Express report will provide the depth of information in the minimum amount of time.

Scan Investigation

This report provides you with the most important and essential information. Each element in the report will be updated by phoning the specific company and obtaining the correct and updated information.

Scan on File

This report provides you with the most important and essential information directly from a Credit Bureaux database. Each element in the report contains a date allowing you to establish the age of the information for you to decide whether the information is sufficient or whether any further research is required.


Business Reports


Each employee/applicant completes a Personal Credentials Verification form, which is our working document; it acts as an indemnity form and is a pre-requisite for MDC to continue with the verification of the employee/applicant’s personal details.

These forms are faxed or e-mailed per name list to our offices for further action. After completion of the verification process, a report for each individual is compiled and hand-delivered, faxed or E-mailed.

Delivery and Billing

Depending on the number of inquiries. Telephonic feedback within 24 hours of receipt of the request. We have different affordable price packages, which is negotiable depending on the number of inquiries. A quotation based on your requirements can be submitted on request. Billing. For each response to a request for information (including a “no record”), the client is billed as specified in the agreed Cost Proposal and is subject to change. The account rendered to the client will be payable within 30 days or as prior arranged.

We are committed to providing our clients with the most recent and most accurate information possible. While you may not trust everything an applicant tells you, you can trust MDC’s commitment to accuracy. We stand by a reputation of customer service so that you can stand by your employment decisions with confidence. In today’s business climate, you cannot afford to make the wrong employment decisions. This is where MDC can assist you as we keep employers informed.

Core Values

  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Efficiency and Effectiveness
  • Sense for Urgency
  • Teamwork


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